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With 14 daily flights between London Heathrow and Dublin, commuting between the two capital cities has never been easier. Fly direct from Heathrow Terminal 2 to Dublin Terminal 2. Enjoy great value, frequent flights and excellent connections to the city centre.

RYANAIR ANNOUNCES THAT THE OFFER DOCUMENT TO AER LINGUS ... meets the Government’s strategy by securing the future of Aer Lingus, retaining the Heathrow slots and Aer Lingus’ branding. Ryanair’s Offer – if accepted – will establish one strong Irish airline group (as there is in the UK (BA), Germany (Lufthansa) and France (Air France)) which clearly meets Ireland’s strategic objectives. Transport minister welcomes Ryanair decision to sell Aer ... The board will now vote in favour of the deal at the Aer Lingus EGM next Thursday, and also to give the Irish government a 'golden share' over Aer Lingus's Heathrow slots. Bits: Etihad grabs three Heathrow slots from Jet, Virgin sale ... News in brief: Jet Airways abandons Heathrow, and Etihad gets the slots. I flagged the financial crisis at India’s Jet Airways yesterday. It looks like the airline is into its final hours, with the Heathrow services to India now suspended and – more critically – the landing and take-off slots transferred to Etihad from 28th April. Flybe gains access to Heathrow with Scotland remedy slots ...

What Are Slots Worth? It depends. Early morning arrival slots are scarce, late evening slots have least value. Aer Lingus has slots through the day. Recently they used 21 arrival slots of which the earliest was 08.05. Just four were prior to 10.00. Several are late evening, worth little.

Dec 14, 2012 · BA in Ryanair deal for Heathrow slots. Aer Lingus is the third-largest airline at Heathrow, and British Airways would be able to purchase up to 20 pairs of slots for daily flights that are held by the Irish flag carrier at the airport. IAG and Aer Lingus – all about the slots? Jan 26, 2015 · Aer Lingus are currently the third largest airline at Heathrow in terms of slots with a 3.3% share of the available pool. Any acquisition would give IAG - or perhaps in this case more appropriately, British Airways - around a 54% share of monthly frequency from the airport; some ten times more share than their nearest competitor, Virgin Atlantic. What do you think it costs for a pair of Heathrow 'slots'?

Aer Lingus (EI, Dublin Int'l) is planning to bid for the domestic slots British Airways (BA, London Heathrow) needs to give up at London Heathrow to allowVirgin Atlantic (VS, London Heathrow) had previously announced its interest in operating these domestic flights. BA has to give up the slots...

A pair of slots at Heathrow airport sold recently for $60m (€52m), valuing Aer Lingus' 23 pairs at Europe's busiest airport at up to €1.2bn. Aer Lingus Heathrow slots could be worth €1.2bn Aer Lingus’s access to London’s Heathrow Airport could be worth €1.2 billion on the basis of a sale of landing rights by another airline. Aer Lingus’ investors asked to back Heathrow slots deal Jun 19, 2015 · Aer Lingus’ investors asked to back Heathrow slots deal. IAG’s official offer document for Aer Lingus was posted to the flag carrier’s shareholders on Friday. It involves a cash offer of €2.50 a share and a dividend of €0.05 a share. Aer Lingus’s equity is valued at almost €1.4bn. Heathrow Airport slots alone worth €1.2 billion to Aer Lingus

Ireland will value its 25 percent stake in Aer Lingus ahead of making a final decision this year on whether to include it in a sale of state assets, a government spokesman said on Thursday. Dublin ...

British Midland International - Wikipedia The airline flew to destinations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Central Asia from its operational base at London Heathrow Airport, where at its peak it held about 13% of all takeoff and landing slots and operated over … International Airlines Group - Wikipedia As British Airways was the larger company, those holding shares in British Airways at the time of the merger were given 55% of the shares in the new, merged company. EU–US Open Skies Agreement - Wikipedia

IAG and Aer Lingus – all about the slots? -

What do you think it costs for Heathrow ‘slots’? Over the years, many airlines have found that their entire value was basically in their Heathrow slots. GB Airways, for instance, obtained a small fortune for its slots a few years ago – a sum probably greater than the profits it had made it its entire history. Two recent slot transactions show you how much Heathrow slots are still valued. 'Aer Lingus Heathrow slots worth less than ... - AER LINGUS'S 23 Heathrow slots are worth less than €500m, incoming chief executive Stephen Kavanagh said today. "It is not €500m," he said when asked about previous valuations by analysts on ... Aer Lingus - Wikipedia