4 ram slots which ones to use

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Solved: If the problem is the RAM - Fixya

Ok to use 3 RAM sticks in this board? | Forum "(2) Supports two (2) modules inserted into either the red slots or the black slots as one pair of Dual-Channel memory configuration."I would like to use XMP,so maybe I'll use only 8GB of RAM instead of 12GB for stability purposes. Your Computer has 4 ram slots Can you use 4 256 sticks of… RAM - Random Access Memory is used by the CPU to store and retrieve information.A RAM slot is an empty slot that on the inside of your computer on the motherboard.By the way, one stick of ram has its… own amount of storage on it. You can by 1 stick which is equal to 2 GBs or just 1 GB.

Many Peoples are confused when they have 4 slots on motherboard and think how to install his RAM in these slots and if you have 4 RAM then don't worry about it simply install all your RAM one by ...

The EXTREME Overclocking Forums are a place for people to learn how to overclock and tweak their PC's components like the CPU, memory (RAM), or video card in order to gain the maximum performance out of their system. There are lots of discussions about new processors, graphics cards, cooling products, power supplies, cases, and so much more! Memory In Slot 2 Or 4 Causes Rebooting Loop - TweakTown Forums thats right for dual channel, slots 3 and 4 ,if your using more than two sticks of ram then you use the other slots up test one stick at a time in slot 3,then repeat the test in slot 4,you need to find out which slot out of 3 and 4 isnt working and whether you have a dead or faulty ram module so test one stick at a time in each slot at a time

Yeah man, ive already added ram to those slots, originally i had 4gb ram 2x2gb ram sticks but got 4x2gb ram sticks, and put them in, i was gonna get 4x4gb ram sticks but i couldn't find other 2 slots and didn't know if it wasI have rlg mgs one that is atom with sim card slot, can I know how to use it?

Only one entry per user to any giveaway unless otherwise stated by the giveaway poster. ... RAM Is it OK to fill up all 4 slots of RAM? Or is there a reason not to? RAM 4 slots or 2? Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums Similar help and support threads Thread: Forum: RAM slots Hi, Is there any impact on the performance of a laptop under the following scenarios: 1) 6GB of toal RAM - 2GB in one slot and 4GB in another slot OR 2) 8GB of toal RAM - 4GB in one slot and 4GB in another slot. Can only use RAM slots 2 & 4 - Hardware Hangout - Neowin Can only use RAM slots 2 & 4 Mini Spy. ... Would that help if even a single ram in slot one and nothing else doesn't work? Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites

my computer has 4 ram slots can i use only 2 of them do do ...

Motherboard with 4 ram slots - Forums - PCPartPicker You don't have to use all 4 slots (provided it has 4) you can even use just 1 slot, having at least 2 slots allows you to set them in Dual Channel Mode, which gives better performance, however Quad Channel requires having 8 slots, which if you're gaming, you really don't need 8.

Understanding, Identifying and Upgrading the RAM in your PC

My confusion is because posters don't distinguish how the RAM slots are ordered/numbered. I have the Dell Optiplex 7010, with the Intel i5, 3550, 3.3Ghz processor, with 4GB RAM (in the slot that is numbered #2 on my MOBO, which happens to be the fourth slot, the one furthest to the right of the four slots of the two pairs). memory - Two RAM sticks into a four DIMM slot motherboard ... From the page you linked to, go to CPU / Memory / Support & Downloads, select the manual. On the fourth page it shows the numbering of the DIMM slots. Use the slots numbered 1 and 2. For more details, see the page 11 (section 1-4). motherboard - Installing 2 DDR3 Sticks in MB with 4 Slots ...